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Introducing Fresco Space

Inspired by our hunger for new challenges

A product of deep academic and industry experience

Built upon more than a decade of experience, Fresco Space doubles as a facility for augmenting professional skills and building new business ideas. Operated by the award-winning staff members of Fresco Industries, the space encourages self-improvement and hunger for knowledge.

Founder Profile

Chris Kim is a Toronto-based interdisciplinary designer with a strong affinity for a minimalist approach to digital media production. An advocate of the "less is more" philosophy, Chris seeks to produce universal and platform-independent solutions that are scalable, easily deployable, and cost-effective.

A graduate of Ryerson University’s Radio and Television Arts program and the subsequent master’s degree program, Chris Kim has been working in collaboration with a variety of Canadian and international institutions including the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences, Bell Media, and Oxfam International as a digital media consultant. His personal projects also have been recognized on campus as well as in the industry via numerous awards, publications, and exhibitions.

Chris currently works as an information technology consultant for numerous clients in Toronto, while designing and teaching various digital media courses at OCAD University, Ryerson University, and Durham College.

In continuation of his academic career, Chris is now part of an information visualization research group named "vialab" at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology, located in Oshawa, Ontario. His main research interests include art-science collaborations, issues of appropriation and originality, and models of the creative process.

An avid listener of jazz and bossa nova music, Chris finds inspiration from works of artists like Paul Rand, Saul Bass, and Piet Mondrian – and strives to achieve balance between form, function, and context.

Fresco Space: Coworking Alternative in Midtown Toronto.
Operated by the award-winning Fresco Industries.